Ultra-portable Camera Slider

When camera companies began releasing DSLRs with video capabilities the prosumer filmmaking market changed immensley. This allowed consumers to shoot cinematic video at an unheard of cost. Although the video market had changed, the gear involved in achieving these cinematic shots were still far out of reach for the basic consumer.

One of these tools is the camera slider, a common tool in most any filmmaker's arsenal which allows them to achieve smooth tracking shots. The problem with sliders are that they are generally expensive and too bulky to carry around anywhere.

Snaptrack sets out to solve both of these problems in an innovative way. Designed with portability in mind, the Snaptrack slider is collapsible and storable. Engineered to hold the weight of common DSLRs and to be infinitely extendable to whatever the users needs are. The slider is dissasembale while still maintaining the necessary smoothness needed for this type of film gear, unheard of in current methods on the market. Example footage from an early prototype is shown below.